Unfortunately, other than the names of deceased classmates, no other information was recorded, or it has been lost. We would like to honor them with something more than just listing their names.  This website has the capability of letting you add a memorial entry here. You may include any information you have about a particular classmate, date and cause of death, comments about the classmate's life, anything you feel is appropriate.

Elaine Egts Herber
Alfred Frauenfelder
Deanna Gephart
Steve Hamm
Diana Handlin McKissick
Donna Langschied Howell
Susan Lauer Rankel
Merlin Marquardt
Mike Mellinger
Judy Mills
Judith Michell Richards
Dennis Morrell
Ken Palmer
Myra Rubino
Jack Schorr
Ann Steckler Hilsmier
Dan Vail
John Weaver
Mary Jo Weaver Relue
Mary Anne Wedler Andrew


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